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I spent a good amount of time cleaning up git-fat this weekend. I finally got around to finishing the backend interface to enable multiple backend implementations. Now it's much nicer to add another transport medium than it was when I first added HTTP as a backend. Additionally, having an interface made testing quite a bit nicer since I can now use the copy local backend instead of configuring rsync on the host I'm testing on.

Another thing I added which I think absolutely every software project should have is static analysis testing with flake8 and pylint. My pull request is still open for the original git-fat by jedbrown, but I don't think he'll merge it since I break some compatabilities, (e.g. requiring 2.7 by using argparse over optparse which isn't in 2.5 and 2.6).

It still needs more testing and the coverage is a little low, but at least the test infastructure is in place and ready to be used.