Alan Braithwaite

Hacker, Builder, Programmer

Science, mathematics and technology inspire me. When I was a kid I wanted to be a student my whole life, before I realized what that meant in the "real world" of academia. Thanks to my public school teachers, I realized at a young age that computing was the clearest route to work on cutting-edge technologies, having a stable career and becoming a lifelong student. My career building real-time distributed data pipelines has provided me with opportunities I couldn't even dream of as an elementary student.

The environmental issues we face today continue to shape my life and define my character. I eat mostly vegetables and almost no red meat. I buy used and repair whenever possible over making new purchases. Although I was once introverted I now look forward to meeting new people and learning what they have to share. As a child of the Internet I can't imagine a world without widely diverse cultures being shared so easily, something I certainly take for granted.

I spend a lot of time thinking about inequality and economics. I believe that how humanity deals with inequality will determine whether or not our species prospers or perishes. Economics policy is the force that drives environmental issues and inequality in society today. Nothing exists in a vacuum.

In my career, I'm looking for opportunities to help shape the world for the better. At Cloudflare, that was creating a more secure, faster and accessible internet. At Segment (now Twilio), it's ensuring that companies are equipped to deal with responsibly handling user's data, while at the same time enabling them to provide rich experiences to their customers. Now, I'm building tools to make information security easier for businesses.